Wedding Place Cards

Place Cards - I made these using peacock printer paper from the Dollar Store, cardstock, and a glue stick!

The ceremony is over, and it’s time to celebrate. If you’re having a sit-down dinner at your wedding reception, you’ll probably want to have assigned seating via wedding place cards. Place card for wedding ideas are an easy project for the do-it-yourselfer on a budget, and offer advantages to your guests.

The benefits of arranged seating are many. First, it takes pressure off your guests when deciding who to sit next to. It also gives them a spot of their own for the night where they can leave things like cameras and purses and feel more certain that they’ll be able to find them when they return.

Wedding place cards also gives you control of the atmosphere of the dinner. You might want to give out-of-town guests a table near the wedding party, to make them feel appreciated for their long travels. You may put singles together, to encourage social-izing. Elderly or handicapped guests should be seated nearest to a door or exit. And it’s also a good idea to have a table or two for children, most likely near the dance floor as they’re usually the first to jump up when the time is right.

In order to direct your guests to their seats, you’ll need wedding place cards at each table set-ting with your guests’ names on them. There are many fun and creative approaches to take with these, and place card for wedding ideas are an easy craft project for nearly any age group.

If you had your invitations professionally made, you make ask the same company to make up some simple place cards for you, printed with a similar font or stock art as was used in your invitations. Some printing companies will offer the service of printing the names on the cards. You would just hand over a copy of your guest list to the printers and let them do the rest.

Or, you can make the place cards yourself. This makes for a very fun gathering for the wedding party to do as a group.

To begin with, choose paper or card stock that compliments your wedding colors. If you have downloaded clip art to use for your invitations and programs, consider using a matching image on each card, such as a bell, heart, flower or pair of rings.

If you are writing the names on the wedding place cards by hand, choose your pens carefully. Roller-ball-point pens work well for this purpose. Consider metallic ink, especially if you are using dark-colored paper.

Scrapbooking stores have patterned scissors you can use to create decorative edges. Glitter is another embellishment to experiment with. Or consider rubber stamps or wax techniques, all available at art-supply and scrap-booking stores.

Once you have created the cards, you may choose to display them in individual stands. There are a lot of place card holders available through wedding catalogs and wedding web sites. They range from miniature picture frames to votive candle holders with a wire attached to clip the cards to. Many of the decorative card stands could double as a wedding favor for your guests.

Have fun making your wedding place cards, and use this as an opportunity to express your creativity.

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