Great Tips for Choosing Wedding Favours

Wedding Favors - Big Island Candies!

Go Traditional
There’s a reason Jordan Almonds are the quintessential wedding favour: They’re steeped in tradition. Read up on Jordan Almond history here, and decide whether it fits you as a couple. If you do decide to embrace the tradition, make sure you explain the significance to your guests. Consider attaching a little card with a note explaining the almonds’ meaning:
Jordan Almonds for Thee
Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife —
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!

Match Don’t Mix
Whatever your wedding favours may be, pick packaging that matches and coordinates with your wedding colours — and your table decor. Visit a neighbourhood fabric store for ribbons to match your wedding-day palette (if you have one, bring along a swatch of your table linens) and personalise each favour with a monogrammed sticker or unique favour label.

Go for Double-Duty Favours
Make your favours and your escort cards one in the same. From lollipops to Christmas ornaments, tag your favours with each guest’s name and table number and place them on the escort table. Other escort card, favour pair-ups: apples with tags tied to the stem; luggage tags with table numbers tucked inside; and miniature wine bottles with table number and name labels.

Give One Per Couple
If you wish to give more expensive, high-end favours but need to find a way to skim the fat, give one gift per couple by placing the favour between their two dinner plates, and tagging it with the couple’s names. For your single friends, stick with one gift per person. Great gifts for pairs: domino game sets, potted orchids, and bottles of gourmet olive oil.

Make a Donation
More couples are forgoing fun and foodie favours for charitable donations. Whether it’s a cause that’s close to your heart, such as a cancer research group, or a cause that you support, such as animal shelters, be sure to let each guest know of the donation by placing a note at each place setting or table for guests to read. To find the right organisation, do your research. Find out how your chosen charity spends donations — and make sure you receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Time It Right
If favours aren’t a part of your tabletop decor, pass them out to guests as they are leaving the reception, or have the doorman do so for you. Another way to make sure guests take home your wedding favour is to place each one in a small decorative bag filled with pretty tissue paper and have a waiter hand one to each guest as they exit. In cold weather, the coatroom attendant may hand them a bag with their coats.

Try DIY Favours
Perfect for the budget-pressed couple, and the crafty ones alike, consider making your favours. A few ideas: homemade jam in jars packaged with fabric and tied off with raffia; make homemade fudge and cut it up into bite-sized pieces; or give out sugar cookies, iced with your monogram. Keep in mind that DIY projects take time and energy to carry through. So if you decide to go for this option, get your closest friends and family on board with you to help — and have fun with it!

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