Wedding Cake Flavours

Red Rose Wedding Cake by Sugar Daze (f/k/a LittleMissCupcakeParis), on Flickr

The traditional white, vanilla-flavoured wedding cake has long been surpassed by exotic new flavors inspired by modern cuisine. Butter cream fillings or mixes in different flavors can be tucked away under traditional white frosting. Alternatively, a deliciously flavoured and coloured frosting can cover a traditional vanilla cake. The choice is yours and it is limitless.

A traditional pure white cake exterior can hide layers of delicious butter cream flavours underneath. Some of the most decadent new flavours are: blood-orange, key lime and raspberry for a summer cake; pistachio and apricot for something more elegant; or raspberry and chocolate flavors for a semi-traditional filling. Also tempting is a simple chocolate cake filled with caramel, vanilla and chocolate butter creams.

A themed wedding benefits from a themed cake. Delicious frosting in different colours and consistencies play a big role: butter cream, gum paste or marzipan (both of which work well for creating tiny decorations), meringue, rolled fondant or a hard royal icing. Marzipan naturally tastes like almond and the other types are great in flavours such as lemon poppy, dark chocolate or spiced carrot.

Pick unusual flavours such as chocolate kumquat or devil’s food. A red devil’s food cake with chocolate icing and red flower decorations looks stunning. A truffle wedding cake is ideal for chocolate lovers and a chocolate chestnut flavoured cake is perfect if you are getting married in autumn. Other flavour suggestions include mocha, chocolate and fruit, chocolate sampler, and white chocolate with raspberries.

If you happen to have planned your wedding for the winter holidays, a holiday flavoured cake is a delicious seasonal idea. Pumpkin ginger, candy cane, gingerbread or eggnog are all luscious ideas. Candy cane involves peppermint butter cream sprinkled with chocolate and pieces of peppermint candy canes. Gingerbread looks delicious if decorated with little gingerbread men or in the shape of a gingerbread house.

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