Favourite Wedding Cake Toppers


Wedding cake toppers add beautiful or fun decoration to your wedding cake, and there are endless options, meaning you do not have to stick to anything traditional or most popular. You could buy a topper or put something together yourself. A customised or homemade wedding cake topper can add a personal touch. The best cake topper for your wedding depends also on the theme and setting of the event.

Flowers play an important decorative role at weddings, from the bridal bouquet to altar and reception hall decor. You can also use flowers as your wedding cake topper. Select flowers that match or compliment other flowers used in the wedding. The topper flowers may match flowers used to decorate your wedding-cake table. You could use silk flowers or real ones, or a combination of both. Alternatively, get custom-made edible flowers for your wedding cake topper from a wedding cake shop or ask the bakery that’s making your wedding cake to create an edible topper. These are made out of sugar and last longer than real flowers.

Traditionally, wedding cake toppers are marriage-themed. Traditional wedding cake toppers may include doves, a bride and groom, wedding bells or ribbons. You can find these traditional toppers in wedding cake shops, in bridal accessory stores or online.

If you appreciate antique or vintage pieces, ask your parents or grandparents if you can use the cake toppers they used at their weddings. These will add a retro flair to your wedding cake, as well as a sentimental touch. If none of your family members has a vintage-looking cake topper, you can find one online or do your own shopping at vintage or antique stores to find something retro you like.

The best wedding cake toppers can be the ones that have the most meaning or sentiment behind them. Buy or design a personalised topper that represents a shared passion between you and your spouse-to-be. It could be a hobby or interest, such as sailing or nature. Another way to personalise your wedding cake topper is to use your initials as a couple as a topper. Select a font and colour that match the theme or atmosphere of the wedding. Letters can be found in bridal shops, and edible ones can be found at wedding cake shops. Alternatively, create the initials yourself using a piece of foam and cutting out the letters with a knife and gluing patterned or coloured paper onto them. You could also use glue to cover the letters with flower petals, sequins or glitter, depending on the decor and theme of your wedding.

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