Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake


It may seem strange to most people, but some brides just don’t like cake, and choose not to have one at their wedding reception. Other brides enjoy cake, but wish to serve something more unique. Some common reasons that a bride might pass on traditional wedding cake include:

  • They don’t like cake.
  • They want to serve something more unique and memorable.
  • They want to serve something that better represents their personality or some other aspect of their life.
  • They’ve already attended too many weddings where the cake went almost untouched while the pie and pastry table was almost cleared.
  • The wedding is taking place in a venue that charges outrageous fees for cake serving.

It takes effort not to stare when someone says “I simply do not like cake.” and it’s even more interesting when you consider how different modern cakes are from their forebears. Modern cakes are delicious and decadent, full of real butter, based on things such as poppy seed cake, carrot cake, banana cake, and many other varieties, and they’re filled with mouth watering amaretto, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, raspberry and so on.

Regardless, the brides who opt for individuality are determined to serve something equally as decadent and delicious as the cake options described above, and that’s okay because modern weddings are about personal choice.

The primary secret to a fantastic wedding cake alternative is simply this – presentation. Whatever is served, let it be served on tiers. Here are some choices to consider:

  • Puddings, Mousse or Custard
    Chill wine glasses or champagne flutes and fill with things such as chocolate or lemon mousse, rice or coconut rice pudding, raspberry or regular tiramisu, assorted parfaits or whipped heavy cream topped with super sweet in-season berries. If you have a generous budget, you can also serve individual flan or creme brulee.
  • Tiered Pastries
    Cream puffs are extremely popular, but other types of pastry would lend themselves beautifully to a tiered presentation for a wedding reception. Cinnamon rolls, Baklava, cream horns, eclairs, cannoli and Napoleons are among those that would be lovely.
  • Additional Options
    Some other ideas include fresh fruit dipped in various types of chocolate, assorted truffles, monogrammed cookies or brownies wrapped in cellophane and decorated with ribbon in your colours, fancy pies such as key lime, lemon, coconut, etc.

No matter how unique you choose to be, try to retain the cake cutting, as it’s a very old ritual and a powerful symbol of unity. It won’t matter if you’re cutting into a pie instead of a cake – your guests will still be pleased and your wedding day experience will be perfection.

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