Quick Hints for a Winter Wedding

Candlelight Bouquet

Winter weddings can be very beautiful and have an element of heightened celebration due to the timing being within the holiday season as well as the extra effort made by guests to attend if in areas where weather can cause difficulty in travelling. These factors can serve as inspiration for winter wedding ideas highlighting warmth and closeness. Lighting can play a major role in achieving this effect as can all of the other choices that must be made to realise winter wedding ideas. No matter what religion the couple follows or where in the world the wedding takes place, a wedding that takes place in the winter will be somewhat more meaningful to your guests because of the season.

Winter wedding ideas for the venue should concentrate on more intimately styled spaces. If a church is not to be used, mansions and historic homes are ideal for establishing the familial tone particularly suited to winter wedding ideas. As long as the venue has enough space to comfortably accommodate the number of people on the guest list, these types of settings offer features that can’t be easily incorporated into commercial venues such as banquet halls or hotel ballrooms.
Of course, if you need a really large space, you can achieve some of the same effect by strategically using light fixtures and controlling the house lighting. Use a lot of candles and very little overhead lighting. Everything takes on a glow in candlelight and the flames exude warmth whether it’s real or just perceived.

The colours used in the wedding and reception resulting from winter wedding ideas should convey warmth as well. Deep red, greens and blues are a far cry from the glaring colours of summer. However, the formality we are all familiar with due mostly to the celebration of New Years can be taken advantage of in a black and white colour scheme. Don’t be afraid to borrow from holiday colours! Breaking them up will prevent a campy look, though.

Winter wedding ideas for the menu can either focus on a comfort food kind of meal or go for ultra-elegant dining. Either way, there should be a lot of hot dishes and plenty of protein. Again, there is no shame in using traditional holiday meal inspiration for winter wedding ideas and it may even be a bit more cost effective because caterers are already stocking up on the traditional menu items for the holidays. No one ever gets tired of being served beef, ham or turkey in the winter.

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