Themed Weddings: Black & White

New Years Eve Black & White Wedding centerpieces

Black and white wedding themes are a sophisticated choice. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with this type of themed wedding. While it seems like a straight forward theme idea, there are still some creative options that you can consider for your big day. As with any theme you can kick things off with wedding invitations. Below are 6 more ideas to get things started.

Themed Weddings: Autumn Vineyard

Jonathan and Sarah get Married

Choosing a vineyard wedding theme can be a great way to get married, especially if you are a wine connoisseur. Even if you know nothing about wine, getting married at a vineyard can be a great experience. It all starts with vineyard wedding invitations. They can help to set the tone for your wedding, and they also let your guests know what to expect.

How to Plan a Garden Wedding


A garden wedding can be the perfect way to exchange your vows, especially if you want a small, intimate affair with a few close friends. Another benefit is that you can have full creative control over designing your wedding day. There are few limits when you are making the wedding planning decisions, and you will also know the space very well. One drawback is that as with any outdoor wedding, you will have a lot of planning and coordinating to do. Instead of going to a wedding reception space that provides everything in a package you will have to be responsible for finding things like a caterer and rental company for the tent, silverware, glassware, etc. Logistics can be another challenge with a garden wedding idea as not every back garden is set up to host a wedding, and you may possibly have to work around space limitations and other obstacles.

Quick Hints for a Winter Wedding

Candlelight Bouquet

Winter weddings can be very beautiful and have an element of heightened celebration due to the timing being within the holiday season as well as the extra effort made by guests to attend if in areas where weather can cause difficulty in travelling. These factors can serve as inspiration for winter wedding ideas highlighting warmth and closeness. Lighting can play a major role in achieving this effect as can all of the other choices that must be made to realise winter wedding ideas. No matter what religion the couple follows or where in the world the wedding takes place, a wedding that takes place in the winter will be somewhat more meaningful to your guests because of the season.