Celebrity Weddings Take the Cake

It seems like celebrities do everything larger than life, from homes to cars to kids from Malawi. They live a lavish lifestyle that most of us look at with longing, lust, or pure disgust. They shop and sunbathe and eat at the Ivy, while their cavalcade of body guards keeps the paparazzi (and general public) at bay. They make more money on one movie than most of us will earn in a lifetime, and they could easily blow through one of my monthly paychecks in five minutes down on Robertson. Yep, they pretty much live life on a cleaner, prettier planet than the rest of us (one in which designer dresses and Bulgari gift bags flow like water). So it’s no surprise that when they do their wedding cakes, they do them bigger and better than anyone else.

Donald Trump wedding cake

Case in point, the Donald. Trump’s most recent nuptials included a 7-tiered, orange Gran Marnier chiffon cake that topped out at an impressive five feet high (you could call it Trump’s tower of a cake). At 32 inches across the base, weighing in at 200 pounds, and covered with 3,000 white roses made of icing, this cake was clearly the belle of the ball (sorry, Melania). But the best part? Every guest got their own individual chocolate sponge cakes, crafted to look like the top tier of the real cake. It really doesn’t get more extravagant than that. No one trumps the Donald! (Except maybe Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Their 6-foot tall Sylvia Weinstock creation had to have the top two tiers removed just to fit through the doors of their reception hall! But don’t worry, Don, I’m sure it didn’t have as many flowers…)