Great Tips for Choosing Wedding Favours

Wedding Favors - Big Island Candies!

Go Traditional
There’s a reason Jordan Almonds are the quintessential wedding favour: They’re steeped in tradition. Read up on Jordan Almond history here, and decide whether it fits you as a couple. If you do decide to embrace the tradition, make sure you explain the significance to your guests. Consider attaching a little card with a note explaining the almonds’ meaning:
Jordan Almonds for Thee
Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife —
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!

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Common Pre-Wedding Blunders

Wedding dress

1. Blowing off your wedding budget.
It costs a lot of money to throw a wedding. Many times, excited brides start booking vendors and making purchases without having a real budget and then are shocked to discover they’ve already spent all of their money (or parents’ money) and don’t yet have half the things they need. If you bounce checks or don’t have the money to pay your deposits or make your final payments on the wedding day, your wedding will not happen. Trust us — the band is not going to play all night if you don’t pay. Planning a wedding is serious business. Make a budget and keep track of your expenditures so you won’t be walking naked down the aisle.
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Wedding Planning: When to Splash Out and When to Save

wedding lights 2

Your Wedding Dress Style

Makeup SAVE This might come as a shock, but you shouldn’t look like a completely different person on your wedding day. Translation: It’s completely fine to apply it yourself or have a beauty-savvy friend help.

Wedding Dress SPLURGE Your dress — the dress — is a definite “spend” when it comes to your budget. Sure, you’ll save more money with a cheaper fabric and less beading, but those extra bucks are worth getting what you really want.
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How to Avoid Pre-Wedding Stress

We had a rather fancy dinner before seeing Kelly's play.

Planning a wedding is hard work. With all those decisions and responsibilities, it’s easy to see how some brides and grooms get completely consumed in the minutiae. So how do stressed-out, site-seeing, menu-sampling couples get their eyes back on the ball? By taking a breather from the planning process. Get ready to clear your schedules and forget about picking the favors-the following list of eight stress-breaking activities will help you remove yourselves from nuptial hassles and restore your sanity.
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