Your Wedding: The Cake and Flowers

wedding bliss

Choosing your wedding cake can be fun, but also a bit stressful. Knowing you must make decisions about all manner of things from whether the cake should be simple or elaborate, to what flavor it should be, can of course be overwhelming. If you’re prepared ahead of time to make these decisions, it will help you to remain more calm in the actual moment. You might visit a number of bakeries and page through image after image of sample wedding cakes, or, you might have a creation of our own in mind. Whichever it happens to be, relax as much as possible and remind yourself that you’re making memories every step of the way, and you want them to be happy ones.
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Unique and Delightful Wedding Cake Flavors

Green Tea Cake with Lychee Buttercream Filling Wedding Cake

The cake has always been one of the most important features of a wedding. They are highly symbolic but most of the time the couple aren’t aware of the symbolism. Historically, wedding cakes date back to the Roman Empire, but in those times a loaf of barley bread was used. The groom would break the bread over his bride’s head, which translates to cutting the cake in our modern world. Both actions represent fertility and the offering of the bride’s virginity to the groom. Customs change through the years and wedding cakes now come in a vast range of colours, styles, sizes and flavours.
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How to Freeze Wedding Cake

Wedding cake

Tradition holds that the bride and groom are to freeze the top layer of their wedding cake until their first anniversary, and upon that day, thaw the cake and enjoy it together. Sadly, many couples are disappointed to learn that the cake didn’t make it through the year inside the freezer with flying colours. This situation can be avoided by following the proper steps to freeze the wedding cake. The process isn’t difficult but no step should be skipped as each is an important part of the end result.
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Timeless Wedding Traditions

Cutting the cake at Elsies wedding

Cutting The Cake

Dessert is a popular item very often served at parties, but, at a wedding, it takes centre stage. The most memorable, and iconic moment in the reception, and always a favourite among wedding guests is the cutting of the cake by the bride and groom. Usually, the couple prepare to cut the cake once the dinner plates have been cleared away. The bride places her hand on the knife, and the groom places his hand over hers, and in this fashion they cut a slice of the cake and feed each other a bite – which is a symbol of their commitment to always providing for one another.
Today, there are couples who choose to offer a dessert buffet rather than the traditional wedding cake. An array of pastries and bite-sized sweets are served, or, owing to the current popularity of cupcakes, there may be an arrangement of frosted cupcakes on tiers designed to look like a wedding cake. It can be difficult to cut such small confections gracefully, so, offer your partner a whole one. Don’t give a second thought to making a mess, because another old tradition holds that the amount of frosting left on each others lips indicates how sweet your married life will be!
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Fresh Flowers to Decorate Wedding Cakes

Fall Wedding Cake

Fresh flowers can be used to gorgeous effect as decoration for wedding cakes. Once you’ve selected your baker, work with them so that you can choose only flowers that work well with food. This is important because there are flowers that shouldn’t touch food due to issues of toxicity, as well as flowers that are perfectly safe to use with food, but still not considered edible.
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The Language of Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake

All artisans have their own language, and bakers are no exception.

A bit of knowledge can help immensely when planning the cake of your dreams for your perfect day. For example – the baker you’re meeting with begins to describe an “orange mousseline and white genoise, topped with alabaster fondant and miniature lillies”. Does this evoke an image in your mind, or leave you with even more questions?

Here, we’ll quickly cover a list of terms that once you’re acquainted with, will be of great help when working with your baker.
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Decorate Your Cake With Fresh Fruit

wedding cake (fruit tart)

Fresh fruit adds bright colour and a refreshing touch to your wedding cake. Also, when done properly, the beauty of a cake decorated with fruit is quite remarkable. Once you have applied icing, your own creativity is the only limit in deciding which fruits to use and what kind of design to make. Concentric circles of different coloured fruits like kiwi, pineapple, oranges and peach slices can be lovely, or, you may want an artful assortment of gorgeous sugared fruits.
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