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29728 Julia and David's Wedding Cake by bsabarnowl, on Flickr

A couples’ wedding day is an occasion that will stand the test of time – remaining a cherished memory for the rest of their lives together. Because it is such an important day, there can be a rather extreme amount of stress involved with all of the scheduling, planning, and preparations. Although our site primarily focuses on wedding cakes, you will also find useful articles about all aspects of your wedding – from coping with stress to tips on how to select the sort of music you wish to have at the ceremony and reception, and everything in between.

Wedding Cakes

Throughout history, and across many cultures, the one constant element of wedding ceremonies and celebrations has been the wedding cake. Here on our site, you’ll find a comprehensive (and growing) range of articles on topics such as how to select a baker, beautiful and unique cake decorating options, and alternatives to the traditional wedding cake if you wish to express your individuality.

Additional Details

In addition to practical tips, hints, and advice, you will enjoy exploring articles about the different sorts of wedding themes that are popular today – such as the chic and sophisticated black & white wedding, or the whimsical and fun butterfly themed wedding. You will also find resources to guide you through the potentially sticky area of wedding day etiquette, so that all of your guests will feel relaxed and joyful as they enjoy sharing your special day with you. There are lots more articles available; too many to mention! We hope that you will find our site a useful resource and we welcome your comments and suggestions.